Want to get to know the Lidwina school?

We would like to meet future parents. That is why we are happy to invite you for a guided tour, which we organize per location.
On Monday the tour is at location Linnaeushof and on Thursday at location Simon Stevinstraat.
Scroll down here and choose an available day & time. All tours start at 09:00 and last 45 minutes.

After the tour it is also possible to take a look at the other location. Guided tours are given by the management, Sebastiaan and Baukje.

In 2024 there will be guided tours on:

  • Thursday 29 February, location Simon Stevinstraat 48
  • Monday 15 April, location Linnaeushof 45
  • Thursday 16 May, location Simon Stevinstraat 48
  • Monday 27 May, location Linnaeushof 45
  • Thursday 6 June, location Simon Stevinstraat 48