We stand for solid education. We teach children the basic skills such as language, reading and arithmetic. We strive to challenge children to get the best out of themselves. Through observations and written tests we follow the development of the children. 

Vision on teaching

Happy teachers teach you the most beautiful things, the role of the teacher is crucial. We pride oureselves with our talented team. Afterall, good education is largely determined by the quality of the teachers. 
Our teachers develop themselves through training, so that they can use their expertise and talents in the classroom.


We are a trainingschool. Interns and students ensure liveliness and keep us up to date.
We work together with the University Pabo of Amsterdam (UpvA) and with the Pabo of the Amsterdam (HvA). Through this collaboration, we connect research and practice.

Artistic education

Our school is a place where children can discover and learn to explore. On a creative level, we connect as much as possible to themes and we work closely with Stichting Kunsteducatie De Rode Loper. They offer a varied programme encouraging creativity and imagination.
After school, the workshops of the Talenten Tent offers creative activities for children to discover their own talents.

Physical education

On both locations we have beautiful gymnastic hall. The lessons are tought by enthusiastic and inspiring subject teachers. They ensure that everyone learns a lot and have fun during physical education lessons. Al groups have physical education twice a week tought by a licenced PE teacher.
In addition, we encourage children to become members of sports club. Trainers of sportclubs give clinics at our school throughout the year to promote their sport. Judo, diving, beach volleyball, tennis, kickboxing, dancing...
Tabletennis is popular at the Lidwina. Every year we have the table tennis tournament in groups 6 to 8 and during the break 'around the table tennis table' has been a favorite game in our schoolyard for years now.


ICT skills

We teach our children to deal with digital resources and media in a responsible and critical way. How to use a Chromebook? How do you deal critically with social media? How do you distinguish between fact and fiction on the internet? We do not do this in separate lessons but as part of our daily practice.
The school team uses ICT not only for the organization of work, but also as a didactic tool in the classroom. We invest in developing ICT-skills in our teachers in order to help children develop their digital skills. Mediawegwijs helps us with this. What do students find interesting? How do you bring ICT into the classroom? https://youtu.be/RMlhGU2-8og

Performance and testing

Of course, it is always exciting: how does your child preform at school? At the Lidwinaschool we inform you about the experiences and progress of your child. And of course you are always welcome to ask the teacher questions.
Many parents are worried about the large number of tests in education, especially because of the performance pressure that comes with it. Parents see that as a result, other talents of their child remain underexposed and there is too little attention paid to a broader development. We share that concern and believe that the personal development that the child goes through should be central – and not the test results.
We take tests to objectively monitor the learning performance of the children and to monitor and coordinate the progress of our education. In addition, we also look at how children develop in other areas. For example: social skills, motivation and work attitude. If you want to know more about how we observe and test, please contact the special needs coordinator.

Ellen Wabeke groups 5 - 8; e.wabeke@askoscholen.nl
Monique Out groups 1 - 4; m.out@askoscholen.nl