As regulated by the Education Participation Act 1992, the Lidwinaschool has an Advisory Board (MR). The Advisory Board is comparable to an employee council in the business community. An important difference with a employee council is that not only staff members of the school are represented, but also the parents of the children who attend the school.

The Advisory Board of the Lidwinaschool consists of four staff members and four parents. They represent all staff and all parents, respectively. All parents with children at the Lidwinaschool can stand for election. If there are more candidates than free places, elections are organized. Staff members choose representatives from amongst the teachers/staff. If there are more candidates there than there are free places, elections must also take place.

The Advisory Board regularly consults with the School Management on matters relating to the curriculum and organization of the school. These meetings are public. Every autumn, the Advisory Board draws up a summary of the annual report of the past school year. The School Management and/or the School Board are obligated to seek the advice or even consent of the Advisory Board on certain important topics/issues. The Advisory Board can also raise issues with the School Management or the School Board of its own initiative.
Topics that the Advisory Board (MR) deals with include:

  • giving consent on the deployment of staff, on school finances, producing the school guide;
  • approving the school's School Plan, which outlines the school’s policy over several years;
  • advising on housing matters.