When it comes to your child, you don't want to miss anything, but also don't want to be flooded with information.

How do we keep you informed?
A lot of information about school applies to many parents. For this we use Parro. Through this app we keep you informed of what is going on in the group and in school, you receive nice photos and you can easily register for a parent conversation.

How do we ensure good contact?
We are happy to talk to you personally and by telephone, answer your mail and open the door for you. Every morning we stand at the front door to greet you and come on a home visit when your child is just at school. This ensures short lines of communication and smooth contact.
Do you want to discuss something as a parent? Then the teacher is your first point of contact. This can sometimes be done as quickly as there is a walk-in quarter in the morning, but usually it is more convenient to make an appointment by phone or e-mail.
Court: 020 665 07 69
Farm: 020 694 55 43

The vast majority of questions about the daily course of events are handled in good consultation between parents, pupils, staff and school management. In practice, this means that when you are stuck with something and want to discuss this, the teacher is your first point of contact.

Can't work it out with the teacher? Please contact the school management or one of our internal contact persons. This contact person offers a listening ear and can support you in finding a solution and showing you the right way within the school.

A contact person can also support in following the complaints procedure. The contact person is not a mediator, but someone who receives, supports and advises you.
The contact persons at our school are:
Sacha Oeij; s.oeij@askoscholen.nl
Aafke de Krijger; a.de.krijger@askoscholen.nl
They can also refer to the confidential advisers within the ASKO.