This is a new initiative by and for parents who want to do more for school. A place where parents do business together with children and school. A school newspaper by children, activities during the break and who knows what else? Discover what suits you and contribute to a vibrant school time.

Here's how to help:

  1. Share your talent (without obligation). From tinkerer to regulator, Studio Lidwina is looking for parents. You can participate in projects from 2 hours per school year.
  2. Donate and support projects financially

Studio Lidwina is an initiative of the Lidwinaschool Foundation. More information will soon be available on Studio Lidwina's own website.

Anne Weijs (chairman), Koen Advokaat (treasurer), Stella van der Baan (secretary) form the board of Stichting Lidwinaschool. This parent foundation is independent of school and is controlled by the Participation Council.